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Welcome to the euHeart web page, a European research initiative that targeted the personalized diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease: the leading cause of morbidity in the western world.

Source: Philips

The project combined sixteen industrial, clinical and academic partners, whose collective goal was the development of individualized, computer-based, human heart models. Using comprehensive, patient-specific data as the basis for their design, these models provided insight into the origin and progression of specific disease patterns, including those associated with heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, coronary artery disease, and aortic disease.

Along with these new computing tools, euHeart aimed to highlight the benefits of multi-scale models for meaningfully improving clinical outcomes. Individualized models developed during the project were, consequently, integrated into clinical contexts, to guide disease treatment and management - while data gained from the models’ construction was used to optimize the medical tools employed for cardiovascular intervention.

As indicated by this balance of objectives, euHeart was a project concerned with, not merely thinking, but acting; a project focused on bridging the gap between academia and industry, to provide a better quality of cardiac care in the clinics of the European community. The achievements of the euHeart project running from 1st of June 2008 until 30th of November 2012 were summarized in a Initiates file downloadfinal report.